The Road to AMEE

The road to building AMEE will be long and filled with failures. That we know. There is no denying it. However we can help ourselves by building intermediate projects at getting to AMEE over time as we figure out things. Obviously, I plan on starting with the smallest robot insects to get a better understanding of how robots work but then we can progress to more complicated projects. These intermediate projects will give me a chance to learn sophisticated topics using an easier physical platform which I can leverage in the building of AMEE.

One such project that I have put onto my list is a snake robot. This is an excellent platform because it eliminates the four legs making it far easier to run. Additionally, it is physically 1/10th or less of the size of the quadruped. While there are some unique aspects to the snake robot, it is achievable and thus an excellent pit stop on our journey. Here are some articles on snake robots that we can borrow from:


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