It’s All About the Motion

One of the most fundamental abilities of any creature is its ability to move in small or large ways. Whether it is tiny amoeba or cheetahs’, they need to be able to get around.

It is an ability that roboticists have been struggling with for decades. They have had some success in Japan and Boston (USA) including with bipedal robots. One quadruped that was built could run faster than Usain Bolt! However it was still tethered for power and stability purposes and ran on a treadmill. Not quite as exciting, but progress.

AMEE will not need to be anywhere near as fast. In fact, fast isn’t really on the menu. That’s not what makes it seem real. What seems to be missing in these robots is its the flexibility and natural motions of their limbs. They currently seem so fake that you can’t get attached to it. It’s not realistic to think we can mimic real animals right away however. The knowledge just isn’t there right now. However, perhaps if we can make it 50-60% of the real thing that would be good enough to fool people into growing attached to their robots? Maybe. Maybe it needs to be higher. Something to consider.

We need to hire a roboticist to really come up with an entirely new system to make movement more natural. This is a big one.


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