Do you Recognize me?

So, one of the most important features of AMEE is its ability to recognize people, both visually and via voice. This is important in making the robot feel more personal and friendly if we’re truly to achieve our goal of helping people manage loneliness.

Tools like Siri on Apple’s iPhone and the Amazon Echo are first steps towards voice recognition. For our purposes though, we need the robot to differentiate between voices. There are paid and free applications that could suit our needs, but this would have to be tested to identify the best quality/cost option. One such option is Nuance.

Face recognition is also important for AMEE. It can recognize owner(s), friends, acquaintances and even threats. Like the voice recognition, face recognition has both free and paid options that might potentially be suitable for the robot. Testing and analysis will be required to determine the best fit. One such option is

If no paid or free options work for either one, we can always build a custom program, but that should be a last option given complexity and cost.

To proceed to the next step, we would need to identify specs required for AMEE. Right now, it is good enough to know that we have a number of options for face and voice recognition.



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