Shopping List for First Robot

Ok, so a little research has pointed me in the direction I think I want to go in for this first robot. It’s a simple insect robot. It only moves through vibration meaning the legs aren’t independently moving. That’s fine for this one. We’re focused on learning about basic robotics here and also keeping costs low. Very low 🙂

The items I believe we will need are as follows:

paper clips, vibration motor, 1.5V battery (button), small square piece of plastic, double sided tape and hobby glue.

I haven’t figured out how the battery is charged yet, but don’t worry, I’ll get there. Once the connections are made and the insect is placed on a level surface, it is off and running. Obviously, it has no brain or any other sensors so it is directionless so it goes in random directions.

Next post, I will talk about how to add sensors based on my research. That’s really where the rubber meets the road.

It will take a few weeks to get some of items on my shopping list delivered. Once they are, I will assemble the insect and shares pictures and video so you can see my shame in all its glory 🙂


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