I’m Back

So, as I believe I mentioned, I was moving to Dallas, Texas. Well, that happened which explains my absence in recent weeks. The project continued in my mind and now we can resume here on the blog. Still, I have many other commitments, so this is still a periodic update as interesting things are available to post.

We’ve discussed starting small with swarmbots. As I was unpacking, I discovered a couple of items that might be useful for my swarmbot (or not). See the pic below:


It is a pair of servos that I had ordered some time back from a website called DX.com. I think it is like a shady version of Alibaba (which is shady) so deal with them at your ow risk. The servos were real cheap though, so I took a chance.

I’ll be honest though, I don’t exactly remember what the servos were for. I think it helps you to move an arm or leg but I could be wrong. over the next couple of weeks, I plan on creating a list of items I will need to build my swarmbot and see what I have at home and purchase what I don’t have. Then it’s simply assembly time.

The next post then should be a shopping list of sorts with items I already have highlighted.





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