Ultra Cheap Swarm Robot

In my previous post, I talked about how I would define a robot and what it’s major parts are. For the first robot, I want to build something for less than $15. I know I have seen swarm robots built for less than $15 so it seems like a reasonable goal.

other goals include:

Powering on (duh!)

Locomotion of some type

Ability to sense its environment

Bonus: Any type of learning ability, upgradeability, communicate with other swarm bots

Questions: Can I teach it to seek out a particular item as a reward? Is it possible to add any “personality” to a swarm bot?

My first thoughts. I will look for some examples to copy on the inter web and will post on the blog. This is first robot is obviously a learning exercise so I am not expecting immediate success. In fact, failure is almost certainly guaranteed. Look for video. It should be fun!

Am I missing something? Stupid assumptions? Let me know in the comments.



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