What is a Robot?

So while people like me may think of C3po when we think of a robot or even R2D2, we need a better definition to work with. I’ve amended a definition I found on the webs to come up with the following:

A machine capable of carrying out actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.

That is the definition I will work with as I move forward. We also need to understand the components of a robot that allow it to fulfill the above definition.

A controller which is basically the brains of the robot

A power source which provides the energy for the robot

A sensor which are the robot’s eyes and ears

A housing which serves as the robot’s body

A method of locomotion

Everything else is built off the above whether you are building a $10 swarm robot or a multimillion dollar industrial robot.

As I mentioned previously, the first robot(s) I will attempt to build will be swarm robots, primarily because they are not complicated and they are cheap. I will try to build one as simply as possible which can check off all of the above components. Then I will attempt to replicate that one by creating more. Then the final step is to see if I can get them to act together to do something interesting.

Keep in mind, I’m in the middle of a move so my posting will be sparse until I settle down in my new location. I haven’t forgotten the blog though. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Until next time then.



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