So, Where to Start?

Sorry for the long stretch between starting the blog and this next post. I hadn’t given up or forgotten.

I took a month to think about how to use this blog and properly document the journey so I have something of a roadmap. It may or may not make sense. Let me know how to improve on it. Since I have absolutely zero experience in robotics, I thought about doing some learning about the basics. What are robots? How do they work? What are there power sources? Limitations? This works well with my schedule since I am in the process of moving to Dallas. After I get to Big D, I will move on to actually trying to build robots. I would start with ultra cheap, small robots using a variety of locomotion. I will add photos and video if possible so readers are suitably entertained. After I am comfortable with these mini robots, I will look at what I can learn from quadruped robots. What I want to know is the strengths and weaknesses of current design? How can we better mimic nature? I might attempt to build some cheap quadruped legs and study movement. With a project as ambitious as this one, the best strategy is to break it down to smaller pieces.

Software must also be looked at at some point, but I won’t worry about it now.

The plan is just broad strokes for now, but you’ll want to follow the journey. At least you can laugh at me fail at times. Let’s Build AMEE!


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