A Hearty Welcome From AMEE (if she actually existed and could talk)

Depression and loneliness are at record highs. Many people have pets but as wonderful as pets are is there room for something else? I’ve often wanted a dog, but my wanderings, work hours and apartment restrictions have kept me from becoming a dog owner.

I’ve often thought a robo dog could be very cool as well. Some people are not comfortable with dogs or are no longer able to handle dogs due to old age or can’t have a regular dog for any number of reasons. A robo dog could be the right solution.

Still, the developments for robo dogs have been disappointing. (As exciting as the headless quadrupeds from Boston Dynamics are)

I mean a robo dog that is smart enough to recognize you, your emotions, feel attached to you and is able to move around more naturally. When I close my eyes I imagine something like what’s in the picture on the homepage. AMEE from the movie ‘Red Planet’. A flexible robot quadruped with facial recognition and natural walking ability. How far are from something like AMEE. I don’t know, but that’s what I want.

I know nothing about robotics, so let’s be honest here. I’m not going from zero to AMEE. I’m more going to start very small and discover what are the roadblocks to getting to AMEE. While I may not be able to get there myself (although stranger things have happened), I’m hoping that this blog may inspire someone else who does have the right background to get us AMEE. It’s a mission to help all the lonely people in the world and provide peace of mind.

I’m sure I’ll make many mistakes along the way. Feel free to point out my mistakes, laugh, etc.

I don’t have a specific roadmap. I will try to breakdown what AMEE is in the movie, decide what to focus on and discuss the various components. Then I will try to build very small, simple robots to try to learn about the various components that we are trying to build.

Hopefully we can accomplish some things along the way. Buckle up for a bumpy ride!


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